BLOG / Organic & Tradition

06 Jun 2021

When we opened our bakery 5 years ago, we decided we would offer bread that is simple and genuine. In order to achieve this goal we decided that all our bread has to be made with organic ingredients and traditional methods.

This choice was driven by what our elders used to say repeatedly: “non esiste più il pane come una volta” translated as “ there is no longer the bread as it once was”.

My mother told me many times a story about my granny: In the ’60, they lived in a small village. A small farming community of a few hundred souls. My granny used to work in a textile factory but every Sunday she used to bake bread. Huge loafs of bread so tasty that many in the neighbourhood asked to buy them. They stayed fresh and soft  for  a long time.

What was granny’s secret? Why was bread considered to be tastier and to remain soft longer with respect today’s bread?


In those years, Italy (as many other countries) counted many rural areas with strong farming communities. They were a relatively poor area: Food and basic necessities were produced locally by artisan following the old traditions. They didn’t have all those fantastic machines that today are simplifying our jobs. Even at home bread was made completely by hand.

The flour used in the past has no resemblance to  the industrial flour you find today at the supermarket. Modern flour is produced from grains, the composition of which has been affected by chemical fertiliser and genetic mutation. In addition, the industrial process uses machines that produce high levels of heat that burns the grains excessively when producing the flour.

In the past the grains were grown with patience and natural methods allowing the plant to follow its natural cycle and develop a strong grain. Flour was produced in mills with stone grinders that preserved the composition of the grains. Mother dough was preferred to the industrial yeast for the leavening process. 

Even if today the industrial flours takes over the market, it is still possible to find the values of the old tradition in Organic farming, which has been defined as “ a system of management and agricultural production that combines a high level of biodiversity with environmental practices that preserve natural resources and has rigorous standards for animal welfare.” (Your website)

Today, eating organic food is the best way to rediscover  those old tastes and to follow a healthier diet.

And here starts our mission…

In a world  that is running too fast…where too often the quality is sacrificed in favour of quantity…where health is sacrificed in favour of economical aspects…We want to bring back the values of patience, tradition and simplicity. Creating a bread that is genuine and tasty that brings past memories and tastes back to life.