Sourdough and Mother-dough…what is the difference?

Sourdough bread has become popular nowadays. People are re-discovering this ancient process that makes bread more digestible and tastier. There is proof that many ancient cultures used this process, such as the Egyptians.

Currently, in English language, the term ‘sourdough’ is used to describe a yeast free bread. It is simply made by creating a starter dough with flour and water (sometimes with addition of yeast), which is left to rest for a few days/weeks. This allows the natural microorganisms contained in the flour to grow creating a leavening agent.

Today, surfing on the internet, you can find thousands of blogs and websites about sourdough. However, there seems to be a lot of confusion around this matter. Confusion about terms as sourdough, mother-dough, starter, wild yeast and how these are processed.

So, what do these terms actually refer to?

Let’s throw some light on the matter ….

11 Mar 2021

Is gluten bad for you?

Since we opened our bakery, we realised that gluten, this poor protein created during the fermentation process, is in the minds of many people considered a negative element in their everyday diet.
So with this article, we want to clarify and explain things properly.

06 Apr 2021